What it Means to Be a Landstar Agent

Landstar agents are part of America’s small business success story. We have a vested interest in bringing you the best in all modes of transportation services. Backed by the resources of Landstar, we provide excellence in transportation, logistics services and we work to understand your unique needs and make it our business for you to stay successful with yours.

Expect great service.

  • Safe, reliable transportation, logistics services, and transportation management solutions.
  • 24/7 individual attention to detail from a Landstar agent with unparalleled skill and experience.
  • Access to all the equipment you need to move your truckload or LTL freight, intact and on time, any time, across North America or around the world.
  • The most direct, cost-effective logistics and transportation services, plus regular updates on and tracking of your freight.

Examples of Solutions:

  • Helping building a light rail train system in Beijing for Bombardier by hauling subway train cars overseas.
  • Hauling and delivering MRI machines for Philips Electronics to Hospitals across North America.
  • Delivering Mine Safety Appliances to Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Safely handling and hauling hazardous materials for 30+ years serving Bayer Corporation.